Who are we?
Who are we?
Histroy of the Brand

Passionate about windsurfing and other extreme sports, we have always wanted to adapt the gearUntil now windsurfing has not followed the shapes of other sports such skiing or snowboarding.

Effectively these sports are using more outlines adapted to carving without loosing straight line performances.


After discussions with Pierre-Yves Mottier ( coach - learn2windsurf - lightriding ) the idea grew to adapt this theory to the windsurfing.


After the first results were very positive,  the MB-Board adventure started in 2017 !  



The team

  • Mathias Bavaud (fondateur)

    Research and development

    SUI-262; Boat builder and expert in composite material constructions, he is the owner and founder of the companies MB-composites and MB-fins.

  • Benoît Clément (fondateur)

    CAD shaper

    Designer et Product manager in the field of sports material, passionate of shapes and innovations.


  • Pierre-Yves MOTTIER (fondateur)
    Coach - Learn2windsurf Creator - Lightriding Expert
  • Karl MUELLER (fondateur)
    Sales manager - windsurf market expert
  • Gustaf Hellborg (consultant)

    Talented wave rider and freestyler , "Gus" collaborates as consultant for the shapes from his capacity of analysing them, he is the official MB-boards tester.

  • Samy Khim (consultant)
    Social média, testeur.
  • Balz Müller SUI-21 (Team Rider)

    Pro rider , tester and developer.

    8th in the PWA freestyle World Tour 2017


    Expert in composite materials et mechanical fluids.  windsurf shaper (TIGA)


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