Foto: Alf Hesse, Rider: Pierre-Yves Mottier

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  • Welcome Kauli Seadi
    01 Januar 2020
    Welcome Kauli Seadi

    mb-boards welcomes Kauli Seadi to the team

    The Brazilian windsurfer and all-round waterman holds 3 Wave Championship titles and 2 Vice Championship titles in Freestyle.

  • How to wing by Balz
    10 August 2020
    How to wing by Balz

    Balz tells you how 
    To the video

  • Collection 2021 - Engadinwind - Silvaplana
    18 August 2020
    Collection 2021 - Engadinwind - Silvaplana

    Venez découvrir la gamme 2021 sur notre stand.

    Website event

  • Balz & Eva foilstyle world champions
    31 August 2020
    Balz & Eva foilstyle world champions

    by: Emanuela Cauli photographer

    What a recognition for the foilfreestyle pioneers!
    Our sport is lucky to have such a great ambassador.

    A big thank you to our team for all the hard work at Engadin wind.

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